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Hi Reader,

I've been immersing myself in AI recently. So much so that I'm starting to see the cracks and limitations of the current technology.

I said in a previous email that I didn't believe AI was going to overtake human writers any time soon, and I stand by that.

However, now I've spent some more time with AI models, I think I know why.

More importantly, I think I've figured of a way of utilising current AI to massively boost your copywriting, without losing your own voice.

The problem with AI.

AI chatbots are limited by the amount of text they can put into a reply.

As such, if you ask it to write a whole blog post, it'll always make a half-hearted attempt and come up short (literally🤔).

You can break the piece up into sections, but I tend to find it will always try to complete a blog within roughly 500 words.

Some AI writing platforms like Anyword try to combat this by re-prompting the bot behind the scenes for each section.

You end up with a much longer and more comprehensive blog, but each section reads like a standalone piece.

As such, you get a lot of repetition and every section has an intro and conclusion. Messy😤.

So how do you get around it?

In some respects, you can't.

AI writing (as it stands) just isn't as good as human writing. It's often predictable and has tells which make it obvious it came from a robot writer.

As I said in my last email, it also only knows stuff that has already been put on the internet. None of its thoughts are original.

However, you can get it to be a very good tool to help your own copywriting.

I've created a custom GPT bot which works slightly differently.

It's already primed with a lot of the best practice I've learned over the years.

It works by forcing itself to brainstorm an outline for a piece.

By asking you the right questions, it works on completely covering a topic via an outline.

As the outline is within the reply's character limit, it's comprehensive.

You could just stop there and enjoy your pre-brainstormed guide for writing.

BUT. If you then ask it to write the piece, it will do so section by section.

Due to the instructions I've given it, it will make sure each section ties into the rest of the blog. It'll also work very hard to make sure it covers the whole topic and does so with decent writing.

At the end, you get a pretty well thought out and written blog article (or social post, or whatever), that you can then go over with your human eyes and make it your own.

Please. Please make it your own. Don't succumb to them temptation of just publishing it.

Enough chat. Give it a shot. Or don't. I'm not precious. 🥲

One more thing...

I promised I'd write that super-comprehensive blog about making a digital strategy. Click the sexy orange CTA to read it:

In it, you'll find a step-by-step guide to creating a full digital strategy from scratch, plus:

  • How to set your objectives.
  • How to decide on your audience and research their needs.
  • Which channels to choose and how to pick.
  • A free content calendar/planner to download.

Hope you find it useful!

Until next time,


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